Tuesday, October 5, 2010

you know what I think sometimes, since these trips Ive been making, I couldn't help but to notice that I didn't need anything, I didn't miss anything that I owned and had to leave, I took one suitcase mostly filled with books, I took my iPod, journals, pens and brushes. I took my camera, and a handful of clothes. I took my boots and a pair of sandals.

I had more than I needed even then and, I with only that, had more than even some people have.

I think music was the only thing that I felt to compliment nature.

Clothes blocked the sun from kissing my skin, and shoes did not let me feel the Earth beneath me. If I ever ran out of paint I could still make art, if I ran out of paper there were many spaces to use, If my camera ever broke I wouldn't mind because it does not capture moments as I can capture them, with all 5 senses, I didn't even read as much as I thought I would. Just looking outside, studying nature was enough, wondering what the trees know that I dont, and what the rocks have seen that I would love to see. Its all there, you know?

what we as a human race can ever collectively know nature has already known, sometimes I felt so silly reading books, when there was a beautiful flower blooming next to me.
sometimes I think the truth is so simple, I will never read it anywhere,
nobody will ever say it.
sometimes I think I can feel it though.