Friday, October 1, 2010

because art is free

"There is no must in art because art is free"
just wanted to share some of the more worked-on pages of my book, I have quite a bit, but I guess these are the closest to being done, or as done as they ever can be, with my ever changing mind ;)
the first is progressing
the jellyfish one is finished, I dont see what else I could really add,
the following one still needs a bit of work, but im liking it so far, and I love the quotes on both.
first (on the jellyfish one) is some words a friend shared with me not too long ago, and then (on the tree branches) is a bit from a book i really like, ive mentioned it here before, World of 1001 mysteries,

my birds are a ways from completion but I think they are so so cute.
and last, for now, is a bit of 'up from the skies' and maybe a quick self portrait?
hope you dig;)
if you cant tell, I really love lines right now, wavy, jagged, whatever lines