Thursday, October 21, 2010

message of Love

I have a few things today
last night I was listening to c2c (as always) and would like to share some things
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz was on and he was amazing, he talked about spirituality and healing. What I want to share is a few quotes, and a website.

he was saying how there is no disease or illness incurable, something i truly believe, he put it this way:
"nothing is sick, or broken in Heaven... so let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven"
he also said that we need to be in touch with our divinity, that we are 'super human' not just human, we have just been dumbed down to the point we think sickness is normal. He reminds me of Dr. Leonard Coldwell, but more spiritual/religious?

He went on to say what I think we all just intuitively feel is true, that love is the greatest power of all. that people are starting to wake up but not because of outside force, because propaganda is as big as ever, that "people are starting to wake up from the heart."
This is the revolution, and its an inner thing, going back to the natural, our selves.

Okay, last quotes, He went to talk about evil in a most interesting way,
"evil cannot always be defeated but it [evil] can always be resisted"
what does that say about the nature of evil? ;)

Finally, he said "magic is simply creating change through will", dont we live in such a magical place?;)
so we should make it our will to LOVE. and Heal.

This is the website I wanted to share, because music is just too important, and for everyone:
Use This Convenient Service to Transpose iTunes or MP3 Audio Files to 528Hz - The Frequency of Love - to Turn Listening into Powerful Miraculous Healing.