Thursday, October 7, 2010

This photo reminds me of something I read a couple months back:
...I was greeted by 3 small fairies who began to spin around my head, each a different color (orange, green and blue) They told me they were going to take me to a place of unimaginable beauty, an island where time is irrelevant. I followed them through a green door that looked as though it was made of glass, but on further inspection it had the consistency of jello. When we arrived at the island I met a young elven goddess, who reminded me of my friends older sister. I had no real understanding of how I got to this island or how any of these things were happening, so I asked the elven goddess why I was brought to the island. All she told me was "prepare for ta'ke ni." I then awoke from my out of body experience, which felt like hours (but was in fact merely minutes) I quickly wrote down what I had been told, which still doesn't make any sense...