Sunday, July 11, 2010

what a morning, first off i have been very interested in astral projection lately and have been trying my hand at it, i would so love to swim through the skies and see everything, especially at night time. but i have trouble, and havent been successful yet. I rarely sleep and that doesnt help too much either, my night routine is to listen to coast to coast and then eventually sleep comes. sometimes.

Coast to Coast is a late night radio talk show i really enjoy, i just lay in bed and take notes sometimes, or listen while i paint, you know you know.

okay the interesting part now, last night i was listening and the show ended and as usual i am still up, it ends at 4:00am here in my city, so i then decide to keep the radio on, and sleep still doesnt come..

it is now about 6:00am and i turn off the radio and listen to my ipod, i decide to listen to one of my Terence McKenna lectures, i choose one titled 'nature is the center of the Mandala' it is nice and calm and i listen for a while, then i dont know what happened because the next thing i remember is waking up? but i am not awake! i am not conscious i try to move but i cant it was so crazy, i was kind of freaked out and i try to speak but i couldnt!!! then i try and speak louder but i am weighed down, and i swear all i kept thinking was "no fucking way" so i try so hard to get up but its like i have weights strapped to my arms, but after a few seconds i am able to lift my right arm a little higher than my left, but then i realize something so awesome, that im looking at my hand down on bed while i have the same hand in the air! I immediately thought " fuck yes" and i tried to like slingshot the rest of myself out of my body but when i got to my head i 'woke up' i felt my physical body and it was over :(

I just get entirely up and am amazed at what happened, i look at my phone and it is 7:13am, i cannot go back to sleep so i just sit back and enjoy this feeling while i listen to Jimi's "Scorpio Woman" it was magical, what a life! so many facets to this mysterious, beautiful experience.

that is the closest i have come to a total OBE of that sort.
it was so incredible, i was looking at my astral body, i was golden!, i glowed and i felt so euphoric and i just know that when i look in the mirror i am not looking at myself, like this body is not me, i always just intuitively had that notion, but this morning just intensified that, it was so profound.