Saturday, July 10, 2010

i had to go shopping for dresses today.
it was so uncomfortable, i am not so much fond of shopping in the first place, unless it is for interesting little things i can make art with or to decorate and restore, like at antique shops or thrift stores but not for clothes or things of that nature, i dont think im stylish enough, i am clueless i just wear a t shirt and jeans and these boots i own and im okay.

well i am going to be going to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary soon and we need a gold dress, i couldn't find one -_-

i shop for clothes like i shop for groceries, i know what i want and i go find it, i dont try things on to see how they 'fit' i dont imagine myself eating a tomato before i buy it, its a tomato! a shirt is a shirt! i dont understand how one can spend an entire day shopping for only a few things, it gives me a headache :o

but i do enjoy to sometimes dress up and put makeup on, i dont think materialism or vanity are attractive though ..

but i do have some vanity in the sense that i do enjoy feeling nice and pretty sometimes and i do care for myself, my body, i take care of my face the regular things you know?

i think its okay to sometimes go crazy and feel fancy, although a natural woman, to me is the most beautiful.