Monday, July 12, 2010

Infinity of the Now
".............Imagine understanding your own mind to be a map, a very small representation of a very large idea, and suddenly discovering that it was, in fact, foldable, and that it had been folded for all time................
........From there I was told by a small man sitting in a plant that I was mediocre, and that in and of itself, my mediocrity had a function, which was to define what is great, and what is not, because how can the great be great if it is commonplace?.......
.....And then I realize that we are longing, as humans, for contact, any contact, with ourselves and those whom we love, and that contact is so elusive, and seemingly inadequate, and yet, even every touch and word from another is a precious singularity, never to be repeated, but only diminished by retelling, and remembering, and finally, fading away................."

Fading so that the next moments touch may be experienced in the here and now. say "yes" to each holy moment.
if you try to cling to one then you create time and miss all the other presents of the Now. (presence of the Now.)