Friday, July 9, 2010

down by the methane sea

the title 'down by the methane sea' comes from a song by Jimi Hendrix it goes:

From far away as jupiters sulphur mines
Down by the methane sea
my room is made of mirrors, i see you but lord knows i cant see me.......
And the small paragraph is a bit of spoken word by Terence McKenna from his lecture 'Earth Trust'.
I would really like to elaborate on this piece, i love the undersea world, i especially love octopus, jellyfish and cuttle fish. these shape shifting animals who can change colors in the blink of an eye, and change their skin textures, i love them! i find them so fascinating and i think they are a model of whats to come for us. take the octopus for example, they've evolved to the benthic dephts of the sea where no light reaches, and one octopus by looking at another knows everything about it, the last time its eaten, its mood, etc. it is essentially naked minded and wears its mind on its skin so the only way it can have a private thought is to squirt ink and temporarily be hidden. or the cuttle fish's ability to camouflage so quickly and beautifully, the way it too wears its mind on its skin, what an efficient way of communicating! we are only a gene or two from being in this sort of telepathic state. we even have incorporated it into our language, "when you understand someone clearly, you say. " i see what you mean" why do we reach for visual metaphors to describe efficient communication?" i think evolution will soon take us to these levels. i think we can learn so much from plants and animals, see that everything we try so hard to do, they do so effortlessly and maybe double think the notion that we are the more advanced species.

-thank you for reading, peace and positive energy