Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Gaian Mind

I had the pleasure to attend a little lecture with Alex Grey as the speaker, even though we got there a little late and had to sit outside it was still amazing, i think he sounds a bit like Terence McKenna in the way i hear them like robots form another world, they are just that great! haha

this is my favorite Alex Grey piece, and to hear him talk about it made the evening so worth it!

I guess its because one of the craziest, strangest and a bit frightening but the most beautiful trip ive had was like a twisted version of this painting, and ever since then ive loved this, and i can really say, as cliche as it sounds, that this trip made me care for our mother earth in a whole other way, it just so touched my soul.
I dont want to get to far into detail just because i still feel overwhelmed and sometimes get crazy and emotional *-* but if you would so like to know, i may share.

much love and peace :)