Friday, July 9, 2010

The mushroom states its position very clearly. It says, "I require the nervous system of a mammal. Do you have one handy?"

"..............I was no longer myself. Actually, i wasnt a person anymore. I was a part of everything, everything was a part of me. I was everything and nothing. I felt like this was the meaning of life, i could feel it. I had never felt this way before, on any kind of drug, ever. I had no idea it could be this powerfull.
I was crawling around on the bed, on the floor, jumping around. I had no control over myself, but this just felt great and wonderfull. The music was blasting away, much higher than i would normally prefer, but i was swept away into a world that didnt allow me to feel any pain. I was euphoric.
Everything was beautiful. Everytime i looked at myself in the mirror, i couldnt fathom the fact that i had ever felt ugly, or unworthy. I was amazing. And so was my boyfriend. The most perfect boy i could imagine, and he was mine! I was the luckiest girl alive.
We dressed up in all kinds of colorful clothes, purple, pink, turquoise, yellow. Colors were wonderfull, how could we not have noticed this before? We must have looked like two raver kids, tripping out, and im sure we looked scary to say the least. Ive never felt so fucked up and good, at the same time............."