Friday, December 17, 2010
I have been waking up early for some time now, and accidentally discovered that if I go back to sleep I seem to experience the most beautiful, intricate dreams.
Later I did some research and found that it may be because of the body's melatonin, and cortisol Circadian rhythms, also that this cycle can be used to attain lucidity, and provoke OBEs.
So today I woke, and decided to do this again, and had one of the weirdest dreams to date.
I was with friends from my past whom I haven't seen in years, and we were going through this inspection in this building, and I had a knife so i was scared to go through the metal detector, anyways I somehow manage to get around it, and we are now laying down in this open field- well its open and vast on one side, and its like a jungle on the other, we were laying by this rock formation, and some trees on the jungle like side when I look up and there is your typical UFO, you know like in cartoons a simple disc swirling in the sky, but it moved like a flower, or as if it had wings like a flower has petals. Then I tell my friends and we are all just in awe, when I realize that there is a huge crowd in this field with us (dreams are crazy). So this is the strangest part: the disc in the sky shoots out this beam of light in all directions to give it a kind of halo appearance and in this circle of light are people, like normal human beings just going on about their day, then some realizing they're being watched and instead of freaking out, they just wave hello to us. What can that mean?