Thursday, December 9, 2010

I actually was productive last night, this is what came of it.
I hope to paint some more today.
Birds, and I dont know, I guess Ill call everything I do a self portrait;)
The second piece has a bit of some of Pablo Neruda's poetry:

Desnuda eres tan simple como una de tus manos,
Lisa, terrestre, mínima, redonda, transparente,
Tienes líneas de luna, caminos de manzana,
Desnuda eres delgada como el trigo desnudo.

Desnuda eres azul como la noche en Cuba,
Tienes enredaderas y estrellas en el pelo,
Desnuda eres enorme y amarilla
Como el verano en una iglesia de oro.

Desnuda eres pequeña como una de tus uñas,
Curva, sutil, rosada hasta que nace el día
Y te metes en el subterráneo del mundo

Como en un largo túnel de trajes y trabajos:
Tu claridad se apaga, se viste, se deshoja
Y otra vez vuelve a ser una mano desnuda.

In nude you are as bare as one of your hands
smooth, earthly, small, round, transparent
with lines of moon and paths of an apple,
in nude you’re slender like a naked stem of wheat.

In nude you look blue like the Cuban night
with stars and vines in your hair,
in nude you are whole and yellow
like summer in a church of gold.

In nude you look tiny like one of your finger nails
curvy, subtle, rose-colored like the rising dawn
and you move back to the world's underground.

As if in a large tunnel of robes and chores:
your clarity, dressed, blinds and drops its leaves
and other times becomes a naked hand again.