Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ive been working on that collage I posted on some time ago, and im really enjoying it this is what its coming to look like everything has been really sort of spontaneous and is coming together magically in the sense that everything is right where it should be in context with the text. and I do not plan this, its a really nice reminder that art is something bigger than me;)
This is one of the many things that made me rip up the book used for the collage. Its so crazy what religions will have you believe, yet make you deny that which is right before you, or even your true self. Some things really got to me, like passages that read "war in heaven ended with all the demons being hurled down to the earth; you are now feeling the effects" or "your religion really matters" "drug abuse such as drunkenness and using marijuana for pleasure is popular among the devils government" and things like "this is what you must do to be in gods kingdom" "you have hard changes in order to meet gods requirements, dont worry, you can do it!" and of course, "your soul dies, after death you are in a state of complete unconsciousness"

why have people feel beneath a said benevolent god? and tell them the earth is evil and so are they that the only way to the light is by following such rules that not so coincidently go hand in hand with norms put forth by beings/systems after their control.

Ill stop before anger overcomes me, hahaha;)
just kidding;)
anyways, while trying to get ideas/inspiration I was looking through some books of mine, and I came across this forgotten little book that I really dont remember buying, but then again impulse book buying is one of my weird habits;) well I have started to read it, its really fascinating and glossolalia was a subject of much interest not too long ago, I wonder why Im just now reading this, all things happen in due time;)