Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last night I could not go to sleep so I was browsing through my library and found myself picking up Carolyn Kleefeld's 'Climates of the Mind' once again, and later I wrote some things myself also. well this is one of her poems which is just so incredibly beautiful and exactly where I am in this moment. I want to share it with you all. It is titled "Prelude".

I want to do, be, sleep, hear
without exterior reactions to my being
I want to be an invisible being-
not defined, judged, watched

I do not want to represent anything to anybody
no longer to be inside
the other person's rigid picture frame of me
I want to be-just for the sense of being
To relax again enough to taste, touch, realize life
before it is filtered through me-
through other people's psychic strainers
through their telescopic needs
I want it fresh for me to grasp
before its had so many hands on it first
Just mine to embrace, discover, share
or not share
A privacy, intimacy of me to me-
whatever this may be
to relate directly from where it lies

I breathe a deep breath
at the thought of new discovery-
An intimate first-hand glide with life in my hand
with me connected directly
No filters, no microphones
No need for closed doors; instead-
Open windows Wide skies
No hands on life's clock
Another chance to feel that part of me
that is undiluted
My life to belong to me
to consistently feel its essence