Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ive been meaning to share this, I wrote it down some time ago while listening to coast to coast but I didnt write the author.I hate when I do that, I write things down hoping to look further into them the next day and always forget, so things are left half complete. well anyway here it is:

"..what feeds prophecy is a people who bring souls through birth and train them with the egoism that allows them to repeat the past and call it the future.."

Isnt that just THE TRUTH!
also, last night I was also listening because George had 'open lines' I love open lines and this woman came on and told her story of a friend who committed suicide while in Iraq. When she returned this was always on her mind, and stayed with her. She then talks about going to see a psychic, and having a very profound experience: the psychic tells her everything, on point! She even knows of her friend from Iraq, so the woman asks what is now of him, or how is he and the psychic gives the most beautiful response:

"..People who commit suicide go to a place thats like a hospital [for souls] and help out souls.."

George then ends the night by saying, you know what I think so because I doubt people who commit suicide burn in hell.
word to that!