Sunday, November 14, 2010

my lover Jonathan Ott

I have so many notes on Jonathan Ott, and I realized I have not shared any on here, only a picture of him in my earlier posts, and a lot of people I come across dont know who he is, you have to know who Jonathan Ott is, he is one of my biggest inspirations.
...the time has come where we have to call the
officials on the carpet, and take the debate to them, and make
them justify their policy, stand up and debate it scientifically.
“How can you justify this expense, this waste of public funds,
criminalizing large elements of the population, exacerbating
the AIDS epidemic, the hepatitis epidemic?” and make
them explain why they’re doing this. They’re the ones that are
screwing up, not us. We’re just doing civil disobedience, our
sacred democratic duty when a government is miscreant,
because we can see really clearly that they have a very evil,
unethical, unecological, uneconomic, racist, flawed and failing
policy. And it’s high time for someone to say, “The
emperor’s got no clothes, and let’s arrest him for indecently
exposing himself, under the existing laws.”...
-Jonathan Ott
Interview with 'The Entheogen Review'