Tuesday, August 17, 2010

life without a computerrrrrrr

I have caught up on much needed reading and done some painting. Ive really just been taking time off everything, I dont enjoy facebook so much anymore, and myspace lost my interest quite a time ago. My room is as messy as ever (as you can see)
the other night I started painting this little weird looking thing inspired by many cnidarians I came across in a marine aquarium book of mine, I was also listening to coast, and they had a great show on near death experiences, it was fascinating. The guest was cardiologist Dr. Pim Van Lommel who was talking about his book:
well he told an amazing story of a womans near death experience and, as I am always taking notes on everything, I took a quote from him. A woman who had a NDE during surgery recalled asking a diseased uncle of hers about the bright light to whom many who've had these experiences refer to.
she asked,
"Is the light God?"
to which the uncle replied,
"No, the light is what happens when God breathes."
she goes on to recall..
"I remember thinking, ' Im standing in the breath of God.' "
beautiful right!?
I think so!